[Review] $15 YubiKey NEO Alternative

YubiKeys (Ad*) are great but there was always one thing that held me back from buying one: The price.

I know, you shouldn’t be stingy – it’s about your account security – but I just wasn’t into spending $50 on a YubiKey when I could just use the Google Aut...

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VPN Review: ProtonVPN

this will be a review of ProtonVPN (Ad*). I will not go into any security or performance details as this has been already done quite well by That one privacy guy.
First impressions: Website and design

The website seems very modern and there were no trackers reported by...

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[XAMPP for Mac] Change htdocs directory

In this short tutorial you will learn how to set up XAMPP Apache Server to serve a different htdocs folder and how to solve the “Access Denied!” error when doing so.

Open XAMPP, stop Apache and click on “Configure”
Click “Open Conf File”...

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How to use Firebase (Cloud Messaging)/cordova-plugin-firebase with Phonegap Build

you are probably here because you are building an app with Phonegap and want to use the Firebase Cordova plugin (cordova-plugin-firebase) but as you use Phonegap Build and the plugin isn’t compatible you can’t… – unless you follow these steps:
1. Clone th...

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Use GitHub Desktop (for Mac) for every Git Repository

when using GitHub Desktop you can only use GitHub Repositories by default, but with a little help of the command line it is possible to use any Git Repository (self-hosted, BitBucket, GitLab etc.).

Please notice that I am using a Mac, GitHub Desktop for Mac and the default ...

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[PHP Snippet] Pagination with MySQL

$command = "SELECT * FROM `posts` ORDER BY added DESC"; // You can change, generate this however you want
$perPage = 20; // Entries per page
if (isset($_GET["page"]) && $_GET["page"] !== 0) { $page = $_GET["page"]; } else { $page=1; };
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[VServer][Domain][Linux] Add subdomain

in this tutorial I just wanted to show you how you can add a subdomain to a Ubuntu Sever with Apache 2 (but it will also work other Linux distros). I am using a Contabo VPS vServer with .de domain for this tutorial.

First, go to your domain settings. When you use Contabo, y...

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[PHP Snippet] Completely flit a string

for my latest project I needed to completely flip a string.

Completely? Yes! ¡sıɥʇ ǝʞıl

For this I needed a PHP function to do so, but I couldn’t found one online so I did one myself. If anyone needs such a function, feel free to use it!
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[PHP Snippet] Get MIME Type of file

Here is short PHP Snippet to get the MIME type of a file:

function getMime($file) {
$finfo = finfo_open(FILEINFO_MIME_TYPE);
$mime = finfo_file($finfo, $file);
return $mime;



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[How to] Get Pi MusicBox running on Raspberry Pi 3

The current PiMusicBox Release (0.6) doesn’t support the new Raspberry Pi 3… by default. But with a little bit of work you can get it to also run on the RPi 3.

! Please notice that the latest Beta release of PiMusicBox (Show on GitHub) should support the RPi 3, but you can...

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[Raspberry Pi] Druckserver erstellen in wenigen Minuten

Als erstes muss ein fertig eingerichtetes Raspbian auf dem Raspberry Pi laufen.

Danach installieren wir CUPS mit folgenden Befehlen:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install cups
sudo cupsctl --share-printers --remote-printers --remo...

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Internetverbindung eines Macs per Bluetooth teilen

1. MacBook mit dem Internet verbinden
2. Geräte per Bluetooth koppeln
3. Auf dem MacBook zu  > Systemeinstellungen > Freigaben
4. Auf “Internetfreigabe” klicken (noch NICHT aktivieren)
5. Bei “Verbindung freigeben” die Internetverbindung a...

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