[How to] Get Pi MusicBox running on Raspberry Pi 3

The current PiMusicBox Release (0.6) doesn’t support the new Raspberry Pi 3… by default. But with a little bit of work you can get it to also run on the RPi 3.

! Please notice that the latest Beta release of PiMusicBox (Show on GitHub) should support the RPi 3, but you can use this method to get the latest stable release running.

How to

Download PiMusicBox from the PiMusicBox website and flash it to the SD Card using Win32DiskImager (PC) or Apple Pi Baker (Mac/very good!)
Download and older version of Raspbian Jesse Lite from the here (the download is from the official Raspberry Pi website, don’t download the newest image as it isn’t compatible anymore)
Open the Raspbian Image. On Mac, rightclick the Image > Open with > DiskImageMounter. On a PC you might have to download an application like PowerISO to open the ISO (without flashing it to any device)
Copy all .dtb, dat and elf files and ‘bootcode.bin’ from the Raspbian Image to the MusicBox SD Card (you have to override the files)
Eject the SD Card and the opened ISO file, stick the SD Card into the Pi and you are ready!

It took some time, when I first booted up the modified MusicBox, but now it boots up as normal.

Please notice that the integrated Wifi- and Bluetooth-Modules of the Raspberry Pi 3 won’t work when using this method.

I hope this tutorial helped you getting PiMusicBox on your Raspberry Pi 3