VPN Review: ProtonVPN

this will be a review of ProtonVPN (Ad*). I will not go into any security or performance details as this has been already done quite well by That one privacy guy.
First impressions: Website and design

The website seems very modern and there were no trackers reported by uBlock Origin (Ad*) nor Privacy Badger (Ad*).

I really like ProtonVPNs (Ad*) design as it is simple and you can quickly get to where you want to go.

Registration is very simple: If you already have a ProtonMail (Ad*) account you can log in using it, otherwise you can register using a username, password and an e-mail address.

A little unusual was that you have to verify that you are not a robot through an email, a text message to your phone or by donating – I would have expected a captcha of some sort to serve that purpose.

ProtonVPN (Ad*) only has native clients for Android, MacOS, iOS and Windows. The MacOS and iOS apps were still in developement by the time I tested ProtonVPN so I will not review these. There is currently no application for the Amazon Fire TV which would be a nice feature to have.

The client for Windows and Android both look very good and are easy to use. You can choose to direcly connect to a specific country, server or profile, meaning the fastest or any random server. In general this works pretty well although I sometimes had the issue that I couldn’t connect to the server (a simple retry solved this issue).

The pricing of ProtonVPN (Ad*) is my biggest point of criticism: When using ProtonVPN (Ad*) you can eather choose a “Free”, “Basic”, “Plus” or “Visionary” account. While I think that it is very good that ProtonVPN (Ad*) offers a free plan – and I will not complain about the free servers always being very full – I don’t like that the “Basic” account with a price of $4 per month is limited to only 2 devices and doesn’t allow access to Tor Servers. I would like to see access for 3 devices – one for my smartphone, one for my laptop and one for other devices, e.g. an Amazon Fire TV (Ad*) or a local computer – and access to, maybe limited amouts of, Tor servers.

Other than that, the overall pricing is ok for a company that puts a lot of effort into protecting the VPN users data.

ProtonVPN (Ad*), as part of ProtonMail (Ad*), has a very good reputation on keeping users data safe.

All in all ProtonVPN (Ad*) is a pretty good VPN provider with the only point of criticism being the very limited “Basic” plan. Proton already has a good reputation so that I would trust them on keeping my data safe.

Ad*: Due to a recent court vedict I need to mark all named brands as ads even though I did not get paid or am affiliated with these brands in any way.